Field Trip to Skirball

Write a reflection about the trip. What did you learn? What was interesting? What did you enjoy? What did the see or hear that you remembered from class? Was anything confusing? What suggestions do you have for improving this trip for next year?

If you didn’t go on the trip, why not? What could you do differently next time? How did you spend your day yesterday? Since you didn’t come to school, what did you do yesterday to improve your semester grades? If you didn’t do anything to improve your grades yesterday, what can you do next semester so that you have better grades?

What’s everyone up to?

You can use this spot to let your friends know what you’re up to. Don’t list last names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Don’t expect people to be online when you are – this isn’t a chat room. Just click comments and add your ideas.

Also, please add your comments to the reflection posts below.

Hope everyone’s having a great summer!

Mrs. Zana’s Reflection

I suppose I should answer my own questions as well!

I’ll remember all my students. ¬†You are a terrific bunch. I’ve been bragging about you all year. When people ask me if I’m glad the year is over, I usually say, “Not really. I’m going to miss my students. I’ve got a great class.” Besides all my students, I’ll remember:

The movie at the Skirball. I got just a little bit bored and fell asleep. Oops.

The bird walk in Woodly Park and walking to see the stream at Lake Balboa.

The science field trip. Wading in the stream in the COLD water.

Painting pictures of Ancient Greece.

The Greek Olympics

Working REALLY hard to prepare for the CSTs, especially the contest in room one

All the girls baking cupcakes

Random acts of kindness from so many students

The girls playing violin after school by the bench

All the pillows and blankets for the Daoism activity

Digging in the sand box at the Skirball and all the docents telling me what a nice class I have

The “culminating activity” before winter break. All the food and presents!

Applauding when classmates raised their grades

Teaching. Learning. Becoming a community.

It was a good year!